Direct Image (DI) is a new technology where the printing process by-passes pre-press stage( Ctp or Ctf) and image directly transferred to the paper material.

It is a process that improves printing quality significantly and saves tremendous time.

Our company has embraced this new technology whereby we do DI jobs for our customers and saving them the agony of embarking on unnecessary off-shore printing expedition to Dubai, South Africa, Europe and America simply because they want to achieve good quality prints.

To this end, we print image directly on

(a) Paper Material: Using Matt, Bond, Art Papers to achieve four colour process that are suitable for Company Profile, Brochures, Annual Accounts, Magazines, Books etc.
(b) SAV/Flex/Window Graphics: for Large Format billboards, internal and external Signage.

(c) Specialized branding on T-shirts, Caps, Towel etc.

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